gastrophonic stimulation

I’ve been telling all of you about this, but coming up soon–December 9th–is Gastrophonic Stimulation, an evening of music and food at the Bowery Poetry Club.
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(click photo to embiggen)

I’m making latkes, so is Shira Kline, Leah Koenig and Avigail Hurvitz-Prinz are making Eggnog, Avi Fox-Rosen and a large assortment of wonderful individuals will be playing music. It will be an evening of serious sensory overload. It will be awesome.

Tuesday December 9th
10 pm
Bowery Poetry Club
(here’s the facebook link if you’re into such things)

I’m making a new apron for the event, using this pattern from the Purl Bee, and this Heather Ross fabric:
yellow, with octopi

Just so you can visualize what this is sort of going to look like, here’s a snap of me making waffles at Thanksgiving last night:
dory makes waffles

3 Responses to “gastrophonic stimulation”

  1. 1 Sarah

    You look just too darn cute in your apron outfit in the Brooklyn kitchen. It’s like something out of a movie and it makes me want to listen to Leonard Cohen for some reason. xo

  2. 2 Dory

    Thanks lady! I don’t know where the Leonard Cohen desires come from, but you don’t fight ‘em!

  3. 3 marlo

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