secret project revealed

Today my friends Leah and Yoshie are getting married! Before I put on my dress and leave the house, I want to show you the images of the quilt that I made them. It’s been finished for a while, but I didn’t want to post pictures until I gave it to them.

veggie quilt

veggie quilt

veggie quilt

veggie quilt

veggie quilt

veggie quilt

Appliqued vegetables, squares of all sorts of things from my stash, imperfectly aligned. Border is an Urban Outfitters tablecloth that I’ve also made a dress out of. The back is the “I like you” apple fabric. There are small rock pockets on the back in the corners so that it can be weighed down if used as a picnic blanket.

I am so so so happy that it’s done, and that it’s in the hands (on the bed) of people I love.

4 Responses to “secret project revealed”

  1. 1 kurt Wong

    you know how much i like this quilt. but i wanted to write it up here for posterity’s sake. i look forward to hopefully one day seeing it used “in situ” (perhaps in prospect park) with rocks in its pockets….

  2. 2 dory

    Thanks Kurt!

  3. 3 marlo

    That is so rad!! And so much work, wow.

  4. 4 dory

    It was! I was carrying around crumpled pieces of fabric in my purse for months as I appliqued the vegetables. But it is so much fun to make the right things for people.

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