what I’m working on

I’m taking Intro to GIS (Geographic Information Systems) this term. That means, after years of reading and writing about maps, I’m finally learning how to actually use GIS software and make maps.

We’re just at the start of the class, so our assignments are simple and not all that earth shaking, but I’m already all excited about scale and colour scheme and classification levels and the like.

Here’s a recent map I made:

map of gas stations in the bronx

All of my projects are online
. You can peek at them if you like.

Stay tuned for cooler things. Or go look at the collection of culturally significant maps over at Very Small Array

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  1. 1 kurt Wong

    that’s very NYU of you. it’s almost the perfect NYU royal purple.

    do you get to choose the fonts you use? because your font is very becoming (what is it?)

  2. 2 dory

    It’s Bell Gothic!

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