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putting food by On one of the hottest days in July, I went over to Emily’s house to help with the canning of some jam and some dilly beans. On her dining room table (the one that has all the food on it in that post about Brooklyn thanksgiving a few posts back), she had a copy of Putting Food By — the classic 1970s (revised in the late 80s) book about food preserving. I found my own copy of it at Value Village in Toronto and was thrilled. How often do you find exactly what you’re looking for on thrift store bookshelves?

No-so-secretly, I’m excited that it’s no longer jam-making time…I’m a much bigger fan of salty and spicy things. I am particularly excited about making pickled mushrooms, pickled onions, maybe some beets, and some apple chutney.

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  1. 1 emiliejolie

    I’m with you on the jam. It simply never occurs to me to eat it, although I’m learning to do other things with it than just spread it on toast, and that’s helpful. Fruit butters on the other hand? Oh, man. This summer I made plum butter and then immediately made biscuits just so I could eat it ASAP.

  2. 2 Dory

    plum butter! That sounds amazing

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