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I have a new favourite: the Smitten Kitchen’s Broccoli Slaw. It’s a salad of broccoli and cranberries and almonds and red onions, with a dressing made out of buttermilk. As a devoted mayonnaise avoider I love the idea of slaw that is mayo-free. I’ve used the dressing on other things too, most recently quinoa salad (made while Zach was making chicken salad–we used all the same additional ingredients: celery, apples, pecans, cranberries, but diverged in our paths when it came to dressing. He opted for mayo and I balked and grabbed the buttermilk).

But buttermilk comes in one-litre containers and I don’t really need that much. So I’ve been making other things with buttermilk, including Lemon Poppyseed cake (taken from the Smitten Kitchen again, her lemon cake but with poppyseeds added–why would you ever make lemon cake WITHOUT poppyseeds?), and this morning, buttermilk pancakes from the joy of cooking.


So while we’re talking about food, I want to highlight just how fascinated I am with Fed Up With School Lunch, the blog of an elementary school teacher who is eating the school lunches everyday. It’s very simple, usually a photo and a short reaction, and the constant reassurance that this is not some big political statement from someone’s who’s been doing food and nutrition campaigning for a long time. It’s a simple project–the blog’s description is “Eating school lunch just like the kids every day in 2010″–and the author is very clear that she’s no expert in nutrition. The’s a naive aspect to this that makes the project have a lot of impact.


Also, on monday I’m taking a cooking class at the Brooklyn Kitchen Labs! It’s the chinese takeout class, taught by Cathy Erway who writes Not Eating Out in New York, and I’m very excited about it.

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  1. 1 kurt Wong

    how did i not know this about you? i mean, i’m obviously not a mayo addict myself having never brought home a bottle for the entire time we lived together, but i definitely love me some potato salad/macaroni salad/cole slaw drenched in mayo. in fact, i like any/all of these things more than fried chicken, and really order the KFC/Popeye meal combos only so that i might have these.

    in other news, i know you must know about this: http://www.dory.com/
    but can you explain it?

  2. 2 Dory

    I mean, I can handle a BIT of mayo–if it’s in something just to hold it together, so it’s not slimy and you can barely notice it, then it’s okay. And when I added garlic and lemon and fresh herbs to make a dip for french fries once, I was pretty happy, but generally I think it’s totally revolting.

    And no! I didn’t know about dory.com. It’s, um, a catfish made out of money? That makes sense, right?

  3. 3 kt

    awesome dory-food-post.

    saw “The Informant!” on the flight to YVR yday - the matt damon character claims that the litre bottle is the only metric unit that made it in the US (and it’s because “litre” sounds so much nicer than “quart,” hmm). so was interesting to note the buttermilk sizing. anyways, as emily would tell you, ronnybrook sells a plain yogurt drink (12 oz; 1.5 cups) that can be used like a buttermilk (it’s got buttermilk cultures and is the same as buttermilk that is sold in stores, but isn’t a “true” buttermilk.. whatever that means). just for those times you can’t be bothered to go through the whole shebang (bonus: if you don’t get around to cooking with it, it’s socially acceptable to just drink it).

  4. 4 Dory

    Thanks for the suggestion!

  5. 5 pshazz

    you should make red velvet cupcakes with your buttermilk! i was looking around for a beet driven recipe (as opposed to food coloring, of course), and found this: http://low-fat-cooking.suite101.com/article.cfm/red_velvet_cake
    personally, i think i am going to just buy some cream and make my own butter and buttermilk, because i don’t want a whole huge thing of buttermilk.

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