Pickled Watermelon Rinds

jars on the windowsill

Monday was watermelon-rind pickling day. Man–that’s a serious process. Even just peeling and cubing the rinds is tons of work (that was done slowly, as I ate up watermelon). Then soaking in brine. Then rinsing and boiling. Then boiling sugar and vinegar and fruit. Then adding the rinds back in. Then removing them and reducing the syrup. And then sterilizing and packing and processing. I went to bed much later than I should have; I hope these things are delicious in the end!

The recipe came from Vegan Soul Kitchen, which is not a canning book, but does have a whole section on no-waste watermelon. There are recipes in 2 other of my canning books, maybe I’ll try those too. Watermelons produce a lot of rind…

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  1. 1 Lindsey

    Whoa, I didn’t know you could pickle rinds! I’ve been super into pickling ever since your pickled radishes link…yum. I get weird stuff in my CSA all the time that I’m not crazy about, but sometimes a little pickling is just what it needs.

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