Sticks and Stones

I am off to Calgary tomorrow to participate in the Mountain Standard Time Festival! David McCallum and I are performing Sticks and Stones

Sticks and Stones is a long-duration public intervention performance that makes use of knitting and the ancient Chinese strategy game, Go. The project explores the subculture of the reclamation of craft, strategy games and public gaming and the public’s relationship to these things. Go is played on a grid and knitting - as a series of rows and stitches - is an excellent medium for representing this grid. The long performance will see two competitors engage in the public knitting of a game of Go, resulting in the gradual creation of roughly 300 swatches, representing the state of the board at each move throughout the game. As the swatches accumulate, they will be gathered and presented, documenting the process of the performance.

Exhibition: October 11-28
Venue: TRUCK +15 Window
Performances: October 8-10
Venue: Art Central
Presented by M:ST

This is the outcome of this pile of books on our coffee table, back when D and I were roommates in Toronto.

go and knitting

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