after august first

I have comprehensive exams coming up, which means that even though the semester is over I spend most days sitting at my desk, reading articles, and taking notes on them. Sometimes I take breaks to read books, or re-organize my piles or grouping methodology (I have piles, stacks, binder-clipped bunches, papers wrapped in large elastic bands, file boxes, and paper and plastic folders). I take the exams at the start of August and then I can allow myself a short break for some actual summer activity.

And I think that I might read Infinite Jest again.
infinite jest

I didn’t participate in Infinite Summer because I’d just finished reading it. I liked the idea of a schedule and discussion, so maybe I’ll follow along with it on my own. Reading on a schedule seems just like what I’m doing now, though! Maybe I just need the slow intake into normal reading.

(I also want to visit Toronto, go to D.C., make a lot of jam and pickles, and sew a Sorbetto top. In a blog post the other day, my awesome friend Kat referred to me as Awesome Person Who Does Things, which is the nicest thing ever, and I feel like I ought to live up to it.)

But Infinite Jest! It beckons! To be read all at once and not over a period of 3 or so years. Maybe my mom will lend me her kindle? Anyone have experience with kindle IJ and the footnotes?


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  1. 1 sarah

    I like the header! I like you! You are a person who does things. I went to a craft fair today; it would have been funner with you and we could have made fun of the knockoff hipsters.

  2. 2 Dory

    Thanks! I would have liked to have been there too!

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