jars and frustration

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This is a photo of some corn relish/salsa (a combination of 2 similar recipes, one called salsa one called relish) I made in August, which seems like a very long time ago, now. Yesterday I made some applesauce and some roasted tomatillo salsa — using 2 of what Alan says are the very last of the local heirloom tomatoes we’ll see this year. It was sort of a disappointing canning day–one of my applesauce jars broke in the canner and there was applesauce everywhere, and the yield from the ~6 pounds of apples was much less sauce than I was anticipating in the first place. And I could swear that there’s one quart of applesauce from last fall’s canning batch, but I can’t find it anywhere! Which is crazy. Canned goods don’t just up and walk away. For serious. I guess I ought to just make some more — I have a vision of rows and rows of applesauce to eat with oatmeal and make into applesauce cake all winter. Maybe I should just make a salted caramel apple pie.

It’s really important to know when to redirect your frustration!


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