A Supposedly fun thing I’ve never done before

I’m running a half-marathon. In June. In Lake Placid, which is something like 5 hours north of New York. I’ve never been there. I’ve also never run a half-marathon before — It’s 13.1 miles, and I’ve only ever run 5. (Maybe 5.5?). I’m doing this through the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s Team In Training, which means I’m going to fundraise $2600 to fight blood cancer, including Myeloma, which is what my aunt Mimi died of a few years ago.

This is my fundraising page, where you can donate. There’s also a widget on the sidebar there, if you’re reading this not through google reader or whatever.

I’m excited! I’m also super nervous. That’s a lot of running. First practice was last night, and it was snowing, so we ran in the snow — this is already making me feel pretty hardcore, but it’s just the start.

I know I’ve put this photo up before, but I love it. From the 2011 NYC Marathon:
clear eyes full heart can\'t lose

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