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more on bike safety and smugness

I can’t believed that I missed this! From the BikeSnobNYC blog, (scroll down, scroll way down):

New York City is striving to become more bicycle friendly, and to this end you may recall that Transportation Alternatives recently held a PSA contest (in which I served as a juror) in order to promote smugness in the streets. Well, the winners have finally been announced, and I’m pleased to report that I didn’t vote for any of them.

I don’t know why I didn’t think to use the word “smugness”–it pretty aptly describes how I feel about the whole thing.

The Bike Snob details, scene-by-scene one of the videos (dude pushes his car into the river, turns around to reveal a “one less car” t-shirt), hating on it all the way. What bugs me most about that is that the shirt doesn’t say “one FEWER car.”

Also, he points out that the word “livability” doesn’t really mean anything. (”And what is a “livability revolution?” It sounds like forcing people at gunpoint to make their living rooms more comfortable.”). I’m glad I’m not the only one who feels that way.

on bicycle safety

I had a super time at the Transportation Alternatives Biking Rules PSA festival the other night. It’s really nice to see people put in work and make neat videos and have a ton of awesome Brooklyn bike people in a room together. But then, when we were drinking beer and schmoozing at the reception, I got a little bit full of hate. The focus on bicycle safety as something cyclists need to preach to each other really bugs me! Again and again I hear that the thing that makes cycling safer is not more helmets and more lights, but more cyclists! Having people on bikes on the road makes drivers aware, makes cycling more “normal” and more accepted and more safe. I get that TA wants to have cyclists seem like a respectable bunch of eco-friendly, law-abiding citizens that are worth building bike lanes and creating policy for, but it makes me crazy that the focus isn’t on drivers!

At least, the message going to cyclists should be “don’t be an asshole.” I think it’s generally FINE to run red lights and go the wrong way on one-way-streets as long as you’re aware of what’s going on around you, and you don’t get in people’s way. A cyclist running a red light does way less harm that fucking cars parked in bike lanes, or not signaling, or opening their doors into oncoming bike traffic without looking. Fuck the laws about bells and helmets–I can take care of my personal safety. I want more policing of system-wide safety!

Thanks muchly to Ms Laurie for the think to this guardian article today about how “antisocial cycling” is annoying, but not a real threat unlike bad driving, which is.

All that said, the videos were pretty rad. My super planner pal Inbar’s “Cycloptopus” video is totally worth watching.

Also, I’m really digging the Fake MTA twitter updates. “From Nov. 19-Dec. 31, the 59th St./Columbus Circle station will be closed due to the construction of Mayor Bloomberg’s underground lair.”

girls on bikes!

bicycle riding in yr undies

The New York Post reports:

City officials said yesterday they won’t eliminate the Brooklyn neighborhood’s bike lanes despite concerns by the Hasidic community that they attract scantily clad hipster cyclists who go at dangerous speeds. Scott Gastel, a Department of Transportation spokesman, said the lanes “increase safety.”

New Bicycles

Just like Barack Obama is Your New Bicycle, but more exciting: When Obama Wins!