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Whale Hero

David has these great paintings by Johanna Wright. They’re both of the Whale Hero (though only one of the paintings has that title)–a scrappy-looking big blue/grey whale, smiling a nervous kind of grin, saving folks (Whale Hero) or being celebrated (Whale Parade).

Here’s Whale Hero:
Johanna Wright's 'Whale Hero'

And Whale Parade:
whale parade

It was the little patches on the Whale that did me in. I loved them, and wanted to recreate them, so I made David his own whale.

The Whale

I haven’t made a lot of softies, it’s never really been appealing to me as a thing to make, but boy oh boy did I want to make a whale! I just drew a simplified version onto newspaper, cut it out and traced it with seam allowance onto fabric to make 2 pieces. I embroidered a mouth and an eye on each piece, and sewed on some patches–I used white glue to stick them, and then zig-zag stitched around them, they were too tiny for pins. I got a bit stuck on the stuffing part, I left the open bit (to flip it right side out and stuff) by the base of the tail, so that turning it right side out would be easier, but it made it really hard to hand sew it shut. I did an imperfect job, but that’s alright because The Whale is a scrappy guy.

Ozzy likes it:
Ozzy and the Whale

and David too:
David and his Whale


2 years in America, my phone contract is up for renewal, and I am coming to realize that I just don’t want an iPhone, or any other “cool” phone. Maybe I want a Razr, they were cool phones once. It’s nice to know that my friend Kenan doesn’t really want one either.

Instead of playing word jumble or brick breaking games on the subway, I’ll read John Steinbeck (the other day a woman tapped me as I was reading East of Eden and asked if I was reading that for school or for fun. When I said for fun she was impressed; I wonder would she would have thought if I had been reading The Production of Space?)

Not that I am anti-technology, mind you. I very much appreciate my sewing machine, which I used to make a banner for the Crow Hill Community Garden, and am using to piece together some blocks for a quilt (one for myself and my home, this time).

garden banner
9-patch blocks

Also, I like my new dehydrator, gifted by Emily in her going-away-paring down. Sara, my awesome new roommate, and I made kale chips, with kale she grew in her friend Stefan’s garden.

Brooklyn this week

Billboard update:

252 streetview

Google streetview updated some parts of Brooklyn, and captured the hemorrhoids billboard!

Etsy Update:

defend disserations!

I think that this shirt is awesome.

Actually, I think that’s it.

Unless you haven’t yet been acquainted with Regretsy, the making-fun-of-bad-crafts-for-sale blog that has captured the hearts and minds of the world. This sweater is a recent favourite.

electoral crafts

I bought this fabric over the summer, and had been holding onto it, not sure what its highest and best use was…and then it occured to me:
oven mitts!
Oven mitts!

closer up

Pattern is from the Lotta Jansdotter Simple Sewing book, fabric from the Oneonta Norwich WalMart.

I’m kind of charmed by From 52 to 48 with love, a Ze Frank project about bipartisan collaboration. Or, well, the support for the idea of bipartisan collaboration. I think the mitts count—I mean, both of your hands have to work together, right?