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someday there will be songs about the Ace Hotel like there are about the Chelsea Hotel, right?

The Official Management Company is responsible for all the lovely design at the Ace Hotel (in New York and Portland and a few other places).

These are some of my favourites, but the OMC website is certainly worth a look.

every exit
postcard back
sidewalk writing

New Design!

Hello world, RSS reading-humans, and the like…

New blog design, and now time for bed.

design, signs, questions, and the Atlantic Project

Following a link that said “what’s the cost of being a nerd?” I landed at the Atlantic.Project–which looks to be a new package for the Atlantic. Set up as a series of questions, there’s a cute little video for each and links to “conventional” articles and blog posts. The whole thing looks great! Screenshot (click to embiggen):
what's the cost of being a nerd

Each question gets written out in neon in some wonderfully ordinary place, on the street, on the steps of the library, in a diner, and people are standing and sitting near them when talking in the videos.

The opposite of the neon lights though, are the questions written up to camouflage with the rest of city signage:
can selfishness save the environment?
who killed the great american novel?

These are the most beautiful. The mimicry is spot on, and to see these in the city would be such a sweet, private moment of being disarmed. They remind me of my favourite Steve Lambert work:
call you mom (soonish)