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electoral crafts

I bought this fabric over the summer, and had been holding onto it, not sure what its highest and best use was…and then it occured to me:
oven mitts!
Oven mitts!

closer up

Pattern is from the Lotta Jansdotter Simple Sewing book, fabric from the Oneonta Norwich WalMart.

I’m kind of charmed by From 52 to 48 with love, a Ze Frank project about bipartisan collaboration. Or, well, the support for the idea of bipartisan collaboration. I think the mitts count—I mean, both of your hands have to work together, right?

wherever I ordinarily reside, that’s my home

If you are a Canadian who happense to be outside your riding on election day, you can vote by special ballot. But to request a special ballot, you need to prove your eligablity to vote.

Step one is the affirm your “residency criteria” by answering a simple question: Is your place of ordinary residence in Canada? (Yes orĀ  No)

Confused? Perhaps you need the Government of Canada’s definition of “ordinary residence”

A person’s ordinary residence is the place he/she calls home. This is the place where he/she resides and intends to return to when away. A person can have only one place of ordinary residence at a time.

november 4

It’s morning, I’m baking bread and listening to the CBC. It occurs to me that I will be living in America on November 4th, when as Martina Fitzgerald, the radio-lady, says “Americans will vote for a new president.”

When I was in New York last month, the election excitement was palpable, with Obama buttons and t-shirts that felt like real enthusiasm, not just kitsch. And it’s displayed on real humans, not the internet or the Globe and Mail. So it will be even more thrilling to be in the country during actual elections. I won’t get to vote then–maybe I can volunteer to drive little old ladies to polling stations. Do they even do that in America?