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tidy desk

tidy desk,originally uploaded by dorywithserifs.

New semester! I tidied up my workspace, filed last semester’s papers, bought a new printer, and now I have space for being a good graduate student.

Becky shared her workspace shot the other day and I wanted to do the same. After being away for a lot of winter break (in Vancouver, and New Orleans), it’s nice to, as Lindsey says, “re-nest.” And all the better to do so right here.

Also: Happy Birthday Megan!

wherever I ordinarily reside, that’s my home

If you are a Canadian who happense to be outside your riding on election day, you can vote by special ballot. But to request a special ballot, you need to prove your eligablity to vote.

Step one is the affirm your “residency criteria” by answering a simple question: Is your place of ordinary residence in Canada? (Yes orĀ  No)

Confused? Perhaps you need the Government of Canada’s definition of “ordinary residence”

A person’s ordinary residence is the place he/she calls home. This is the place where he/she resides and intends to return to when away. A person can have only one place of ordinary residence at a time.


So the apple-ginger scones that I made up, in my head and in my kitchen, turned out awesome. I gave up on following the recipe I found in one of my cookbooks about halfway through, because I didn’t have any buttermilk, so I just threw in yogurt and regular milk and some other stuff and they’re really spongy lumpy baked goods.

And then I left the kitchen one big mess because my housemate is away until tuesday and it’s fun to have a few days of solitude and disarray. I will tidy before he returns.

The books on our coffee table

go proverbs illustrated, and knitknit