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Rhubarab Jam

Oh man! When best-blogger-ever (and classmate) Rembert Browne linked to my blog this morning I was awed and flattered! So nice to be included in a roundup of grad-school bloggers, most of whom have way better and cleverer blog names than I. Rembert writes “500 Days Asunder,” and Judy’s is “Taiwanderlust.” Amazing.

Anyhow, I thought I better make good on the promises of a blog that shows off stuff that I make when I’m not doing work. And thankfully Rem’s shout-out coincided with the opening of canning season! Yesterday I transformed 2 and a quarter pounds of rhubarb into 6 half-pints of rosemary-rhubarb jam.

Rhubarab Jam

Happily, one of the jars didn’t seal, so I just dug into it, eating it with fresh ricotta on a baguette that my friend Naomi brought over. And then the other Naomi and I got on our bikes and took a tour of the old brewery buildings of North Brooklyn.

brooklyn bike beer blitz
brooklyn bike beer blitz (notice the barrels embedded in the building)
brooklyn bike beer blitz
brooklyn bike beer blitz

pear jalapeño jam

carrot pickles
(spicy carrot pickles, pre-brine)

This morning I made jalapeno-pear jam. I read all my canning books and few canning blogs and the instructions that came with the pectin, and decided how I would do it. After I did the canning I licked the pot that I had cooked it all in–it’s good, only a little bit spicy, still going to be excellent in a PB&J sandwich.

It turns out that I’ve made (or been a part of making) pear jam before:
stack of jam
(from that summer making jam and such with awesome kids, when I ran the kitchen at camp Na’aleh)

I thought that I would do some sort of round up of all this year’s canning projects. They’re a sort of funny thing to make: somewhat permanent, in that the making fills shelves and cupboards, but then they get eaten and gifted and they disappear. So they do need a bit of chronicling, but I should do it write and figure out the recipes for each, so they can get recreated. That may never happen.

But I will say that we opened the pickled fiddleheads the other day–they were this year’s first canning project, back in May when it was fiddlehead time. And so they are delicious and somewhat anachronistic. Though maybe vinegar makes things timeless.