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Brooklyn Bridge and Brooklyn Awesome

I want to post this photo and say that this is the best thing I did this week–a Brooklyn Bridge Birthday Bike Ride (the bridge turned 127 on Monday) with the City Reliquary complete with cake and pop and a band and a dance party. Giving cake to tourists and locals walking across the bridge at 7pm on a weekday is really just a lovely thing to do. This is me giving a piece with a yellow flower to a girl in a dress with yellow flowers. When her mom came up a few moments later and saw her kid with a big piece of cake, she burst out laughing at her charming cake-manipulative daughter. But it was all part of the plan.

The reason that I can’t say this was the most awesome thing I did this week is because last night Naomi and I went to Jalopy for their Wednesday night free “Roots and Ruckus” show, and we saw the best thing I’ve ever seen. The Bill Murray Experience (silly name for an amazing group of musicians), fronted by the cutest lady who sings and plays the washboard and kazoo, just totally blew us away.

Here is a video!

Bluegrass Young Folks

(by Dawn Landes)

these streets will make you feel brand new

I live on a busy street, and when I have the windows open I really hear bits of Empire State Of Mind coming from outside. It’s kind of magical.

I’m back in New York for the semester after a lot of bouncing around (Pearlstone, Vancouver, St Louis, Farrar, New Orleans, and the shortest trip to Toronto ever), and my first day back was a sunny day. I biked into Manhattan and back again, stopping to buy veggies and fish in Chinatown. I love the smell of chinatown(s)! It’s such a familiar constant, despite the city it’s in.

Okay, semester: full speed ahead.

when the water gets cold and freezes on the lake

Yesterday I went to see Julie Doiron and Herman Dune play at the Bell House. I used to have a “no Julie Doiron in November rule” because it can be such sad music and November is often so grey. But her new stuff is more upbeat and November in New York isn’t really winter yet, so the rule doesn’t apply. Both She and Herman Dune have lots of songs that mention months–mostly Octobers and Novembers and Decembers.

There’s one HD song that he played that talks about “when the water gets cold, and freezes on the lake” and I was thinking about a lake I walked on a few winters ago, in Northern Ontario.

snowshoe feet