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let me talk about running for a minute

I’m just going to talk about running for a minute and then I’m going back to reading about justice and the environment and then some knitting and TV watching.

Running. I’m doing a lot of it these days as training ramps up for the Lake Placid Half-Marathon in June. This past Sunday we (that is, Team in Training Brooklyn) ran the Roosevelt Island 10K — that’s 2 loops of a silly sliver of land between Manhattan and Queens. It had all the things that go with racing: bib numbers and water station and chip timing and getting up at 6 on a weekend to ride the subway for an hour in order to run for an hour. Or an hour and one second as my official chip time recorded. And then the tram and the subway home.

Roosevelt Island 10K
(Here I am, running that race).

The thing about this race is that I ran fast. Faster that I’ve recorded before (and I keep pretty good, anal records about distance and time, in the same spreadsheet that I record the money I spend and coop shifts worked and for a time, metrocard swipes). Faster that I would have guessed I could have run for 6 consecutive miles. I think it’s half the race environment and the little bit of competitiveness I have in me (get past the woman in pink! she’s the worst!), and half that I probably spend more time standing and waiting for cars to pass that I can account for when I run in the neighbourhood.

But here I am now, excited about running fast. About clocking a time that I’m a little floored by. This doesn’t completely fit with my image of myself…but I’m getting there. After the first (and only other race) that I ran, in Philadelphia with Goliath, I was grumbly. It seemed ridiculous to get up early and drive to a place and then stand around and then run five and then drive home–I can leave the front door and run 5 miles and be home in less than an hour. But this Roosevelt Island race didn’t feel that silly; I don’t know what clicked. Maybe it’s having the team (see below)?

tnt on roosevelt island

One other thing is that it was wonderful to go to a part of the city that I had never been to. And to have Eleanor Friedberger in my head all day:

I felt that way too, about the Saturday morning run in Bay Ridge the other week. There’s this great waterfront path, that goes under the Verrazano Bridge that I didn’t know about.

bay ridge run
(Here’s my butt, headed under the bridge)

I certainly haven’t spent much time in Bay Ridge, and it was great to take more ownership of my adopted town by running on a new part of it. The start of the run was by the Owls Head water treatment facility, and so I had different Eleanor Friedberger stuck in my head that day.

I think that part is the most exciting to me: I know this place. I ran it. I used my own power to move my body through this place in the world. When Naomi and I were in the cab back from the airport after our trip to Puerto Rico, we were driving along Eastern Parkway towards my house, and as we passed Buffalo ave she asked where we were and I was like “This is my running route. I know where we are.”

these streets will make you feel brand new

I live on a busy street, and when I have the windows open I really hear bits of Empire State Of Mind coming from outside. It’s kind of magical.

I’m back in New York for the semester after a lot of bouncing around (Pearlstone, Vancouver, St Louis, Farrar, New Orleans, and the shortest trip to Toronto ever), and my first day back was a sunny day. I biked into Manhattan and back again, stopping to buy veggies and fish in Chinatown. I love the smell of chinatown(s)! It’s such a familiar constant, despite the city it’s in.

Okay, semester: full speed ahead.

new york state

four more, originally uploaded by dorywithserifs.

A few weekends ago, we got in the car, drove up route 17, ate at a diner or two, hung out in Buffalo, went to Wilson, looked at Toronto from the other side of the lake, bought junk a flea market, ate barbecued things for memorial day, and then drove back to New York.


dory and zach, originally uploaded by dorywithserifs.

I don’t think I’ve said it publicly here, but it’s for real: I’m starting a PhD in the fall! At Columbia, in Planning, so I’ll be in New York, reading books, for quite some time.

Also, I’m excited that Zach is in New York too. He got some jobs, and a sublet in the neighbourhood.

Photo is us at Coney Island almost two years ago. But we’ve been friends since kindergarten, so what’s two years?

It’s no secret…

dory jon and kenan at the diner

(Jon, Kenan, and I ate breakfast at this diner in Afton that was pretty much the most perfect thing ever. We stopped at the Quickway diner on the way up, and the Roscoe coffeeshop on the way down. I’m happy just thinking about it a week later.)

No secret indeed that I love Upstate New York. Last weekend Jon and Keenan and Lady Grey and I went up to visit Na’aleh. We stayed in the ghost town of a site that Na’aleh is in the off season, and did pretty much everything we did all summer, but compressed into a day and a half: we went to 2 bars and three diners, bought used junk at an “antique store,” ate ice cream at the Treats and Eats, and went to Frog Pond Farms and saw the largest pumpkin ever:

dory and the pumpkin

I don’t mean this to be just a rattling off of things done. It’s just that these away weekends have been wonderful and the folks that I’ve spent them with have made me really happy.

This string of upstate adventures is over for a little while (especially since the trees are bare and the drives are that much less lovely). I can focus on here for a bit.

It’s fall.

I skipped a class last week, which meant that I got to leave my house at 10 rather than 8 (to make it to Columbia for my 11am). It was so nice to walk to the subway when all the shops were actually open, seeing folks ambling about the neighbourhood. I stopped to get coffee and a bagel at the place that I like, and the gal behind the counter knew everyone’s name and their order–I think that this is really starting to feel like my ‘hood.

And then this morning it was really sunny and chilly as I biked over the Williamsburg bridge listening to Herman Dune. Small pleasures.

Assorted news:

Kurt and I got a kitten. Her name is now Ossington and we’re calling her Ozzy. I have become That Person who photographs her cat:
ozzy with her leg out

Lindsey came out to New York and she and I and Hollis went up to Rhinebeck for the New York State Sheep and Yarn Festival. We bought sock yarn and watched a knitting-with-chopsticks contest and pet some sheep and went to a Ravelry party. We camped near Pougkeepsie. I’m doing a pretty good job of exploring New York State and environs, I think. A better job than I ever did of understanding Ontario.

Here’s Hollis, folding some yarn:
she said, 'I just want to stick my face in this,' and then she did. (you can see Hollis in the first photo here, at the epicentre of yarn-and-blog fame.)

And here’s Lindsey on the Poughkeepsie riverfront:
yup. fall. I told ya.

something I’ve been meaning to tell you

1. So after we made peanut butter, we made jam:
pyramid of jam
2. And then we all made bread;
3. And then we all made peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.
4. We made some cheese:

And Danny got all excited and wanted to make cheese all the time.

5. Jon crossed the road with a sign:

6. Graeme came to visit; he caught a chicken and brought it home:

7. Then Graeme and I went to the Museum of Glass in Corning NY:

8. I moved to New York! I live on the Fth floor:

sweet subway story

This is a super-lovely NYT illustrated story about the author’s children, who love the New York City subway.

The illustration above goes with the line

Arthur spends hours studying the subway map. He laughs at his mother when she suggests taking the B on a weekend. The only questions he has are about the pronunciation of some station names.