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I am made to return

ESPO mural in downtown Brooklyn

I didn’t take very many photos on the trip to Puerto Rico. I didn’t want my camera to get wet and sandy, and most of our fun was had at the beach. I’m not sad, but I felt silly that I think about taking “vacation photos” but rarely keep the camera with me on regular days. Monday was sunny and gorgeous and so I walked the few miles to the Hoyt subway stop on my way up to Columbia (first I thought, I’ll walk to Atlantic, then Nevins, but I didn’t get on a train until Hoyt).

The Hoyt stop is right up against the downton Brooklyn Macy’s — where ESPO has painted this gorgeous “Love Letter To Brooklyn” mural on the parking garage. I had seen it quickly, on bike, and of course on the internet, but it was great to discover it all over again, especially on a day that I set out to pay attention to the place I live the way that I had to each new thing when in Puerto Rico.

A few more:

ESPO mural in downtown Brooklyn
ESPO mural in downtown Brooklyn

I also noticed this excellent address ironwork:

And realized that we really are getting a stadium:
we really are getting a stadum.

obligatory feet shots

At Anna’s wedding, there was a moment when Anna and Leah and I posed together for some professional photographs. The only one I’ve seen of those (maybe the only one there is?) is of our feet:
our feet

I also came home with this shot of my family’s feet at the wedding:
kornfeld family feet
(I switched shoes at some point, from the yellow heels to the blue flats.)

I love these feet photos (and the ones up on the blog header)! I don’t really know why, though! Maybe because they are self-portraits I can take without too much trouble, and they often really do capture the place and event…

something I’ve been meaning to tell you

1. So after we made peanut butter, we made jam:
pyramid of jam
2. And then we all made bread;
3. And then we all made peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.
4. We made some cheese:

And Danny got all excited and wanted to make cheese all the time.

5. Jon crossed the road with a sign:

6. Graeme came to visit; he caught a chicken and brought it home:

7. Then Graeme and I went to the Museum of Glass in Corning NY:

8. I moved to New York! I live on the Fth floor: