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triangles for Rachel and David

I want to show off a few photos of the quilt I made for Rachel and David’s wedding gift.

Tree Cases

Last week, my dear friend Jamie and Rufus got married! They had their friends decorate squares of fabric that were then pieced together into a chuppa quilt by some family friends.

Here’s what it looked like hanging up at the party:
wedding chupa quilt

Mine is the square with the little triangle trees, far right of the second row from the top.

So, as a gift for Jamie and Rufus, I wanted to make something that complemented this quilt I knew they were going to have after the wedding, so I made some pillowcases that matched (well, close to matched) the patchwork pattern of my square. Inspired by the Little Forest Quilt I made these pillowcases for J + R:


I had never made patchwork pillowcases before, and freaked out a bit when I realized that I wasn’t quilting the work and that there were all these raw edges on the back of the tree panel. Inside the pillowcase, yes, but still problematic. Their exposure would mean that they were going to fray and come apart after some number of washings. For a small while I thought I was going to have to line the pillowcases, which would require more cream-coloured fabric and not making my June 6 deadline. But then I dug through the box of craft ephemera in my closet and found some super lightweight fusible interfacing, which I ironed onto the back of the patchwork panels, sealing the whole thing up without making the pillowcases stiff. Amazing!

more friends, more quilts

So the most recent life-changing-event-secret-quilt-project has been quilted and bound and photographed and folded and handed off–this is the log-cabin quilt that I made for Anna and Naf’s wedding (coming up this weekend, in Rochester!)

anna and her quilt
back of the quilt

anna/naf crestOrange centre squares, other fabrics include some orange flowers, some John-Dere kitch, some city-print stuff, a thrifted pillowcase, an old skirt of Sarah Zarrow’s, some yellow katie jump rope flowers, some yellow stuff from Anna’s mom’s stash (which made it into a quilt she made me years ago!) and some grey and pale turquoise stuff I bought in Berlin.

I’m still working on some wedding stuff for A+N: handwriting the escort cards (that are not as awesome as these ones), and planning for the Brooklyn Sheva Brachot early next week, which includes drawing the little Anna+Naf crest you can see on your right there.

tuesday night notes

1. That thing that I was working on, with the blue and white triangles is done:
back of awesomequilt
In the photos it’s not bound or quilted, but those things happened, and it got shipped off to its rightful owner. It makes me so so so happy to have it out in the world. I’m kind of amazed that I only really knit for myself, but the quilts I make are meant for others. I have a new project in the works, but it’s still at the stage where I stare at strangers on the subway, looking at the colours of their shoes and totebags and wonder what they would look like as log cabins or flying geese.

2. I also made a new dress, for the studio presentation I have to give on Friday. It’s another Amy Butler Lotus Dress, in blue corduroy. Pictures eventually, maybe

hanging vines3. I’m knitting these socks, Hanging Vines out of dark grey yarn from Yarnia. They’re going quickly and are really fun, unlike the German Stockings that I bought the yarn for, and have started and ripped back twice. I love the way the German Stockings look, but they were so many stitches that I needed my super-long dps, and then I couldn’t knit on the subway because I kept poking people, so I gave up! Cookie A, I’ve made your Monkeys and your Pomotomous socks twice each, I’ve loved them lots, but the German Stocks are amazingly un-fun.

4. I made some maps of Saginaw:
saginaw housing

new secret project

new secret quilt project

secret project revealed

Today my friends Leah and Yoshie are getting married! Before I put on my dress and leave the house, I want to show you the images of the quilt that I made them. It’s been finished for a while, but I didn’t want to post pictures until I gave it to them.

veggie quilt

veggie quilt

veggie quilt

veggie quilt

veggie quilt

veggie quilt

Appliqued vegetables, squares of all sorts of things from my stash, imperfectly aligned. Border is an Urban Outfitters tablecloth that I’ve also made a dress out of. The back is the “I like you” apple fabric. There are small rock pockets on the back in the corners so that it can be weighed down if used as a picnic blanket.

I am so so so happy that it’s done, and that it’s in the hands (on the bed) of people I love.

First quilt on the right and straight on ’til morning…

After 10 weeks and then some of my quilt class with Johanna Masko at The Workroom the quilt, my quilt, my first REAL quilt is finally done!

Here is is on the couch:
quilt on the couch
and on the balcony, in that spot where the hammock used to be:
quilt outside

The only other quilted thing I’ve made has been the Go board, which, now that I’ve made this one according the “rules” (or I guess, techniques that build on the wisdom of others), feels like such a misfit item.