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Macaron in Orange and Turquoise

macaron dress

I made a dress! I had been working on it in bits and pieces, but took New Years Day off of schoolwork to finish it up. It’s Macaron from Colette Patterns, and the main fabric is stuff I bought at the Workroom back when I still lived in Toronto. I bought both blue and orange fabric to use as the contrast, but ultimately decided that the orange was better and that I could certainly use the blue for other project.

I made a size 8, and the only thing I modified was the length of the pleat stitches–it was tight around my butt so I picked them out and re-sewed so that they stopped above my butt. The whole thing is only okay–I know that I’m not a very careful sewer, so things don’t line up quite right everywhere. I’m much better with quilts because they work great even if they’re not totally square. It’s good to do some clothes-sewing once in a while to remember that it’s hard and time consuming and not the thing I’m best at. It’s easy to lust after dresses and pledge to make them, so I’m happy to remind myself that it’s not as easy as that.

The other day I took two of my wintercoats to get fixed. There’s a guy on Washington that did a great job taking in a Lily Pulitzer dress I bought secondhand for $30 even though it was a size too large, and so when I decided that two vintage coats that were my mom’s were worth saving despite missing toggles and a destroyed lining, I brought them over. The coat that needed a new lining is actually too big, and because he was going to reline it we/I decided that it should get taken in as well. It’s so impressive to watch someone who _is_ careful pay pin up a coat so that it fits properly. I also got an excellent earful about the economics of New York’s garment district! I already knew a bit about it because of the Design Trust’s Made in Midtown project, and it was great to hear my Crown Heights tailor talk about engaging with the district as part of his work.

Sorbetto accomplished!

Rather than waiting until August, I made the Sorbetto top the other day. It was easy and pretty fast–the bias tape part was definitely the most time-consuming part.

sorbetto top

A bit of confusion about seam allowances: the pattern says they’re 5/8″ except around the neckline and armholes where they’re a 1/4″ — because attaching the bias tape had its own instructions, I figured something else had to have a 1/4″ seam allowance, so I sewed the shoulder seams at that. I don’t think it made that much difference and I’m happy with how it fits. On a pattern with such few steps, I think it would have been nice if it said “sew shoulder seams at 5/8″ specifically.

Here’s another picture that’s not that different. I hadn’t finished putting bias tape around the armholes in either of these shots. And now comparing them to the pictures on the pattern website, mine seems less scoop-necked. I can fix that when I make another, which I will.

sorbetto top

Fabric is from the Knittin Kitten in Portland, I think.

I think that I don’t want to call it a “top” though–it’s a shirt. What’s the deal with the word “top” anyway?

structural mittens

Dear Kat,

I remember that frustration indeed, but looking at those photos (plus the fact that my sewing skills have developed over time) makes me think that I could make some structural mittens now, without even reading the pattern/recipe.




gastrophonic stimulation

I’ve been telling all of you about this, but coming up soon–December 9th–is Gastrophonic Stimulation, an evening of music and food at the Bowery Poetry Club.
gastrophonic stimulation, music and food, holidays, december, winter, party
(click photo to embiggen)

I’m making latkes, so is Shira Kline, Leah Koenig and Avigail Hurvitz-Prinz are making Eggnog, Avi Fox-Rosen and a large assortment of wonderful individuals will be playing music. It will be an evening of serious sensory overload. It will be awesome.

Tuesday December 9th
10 pm
Bowery Poetry Club
(here’s the facebook link if you’re into such things)

I’m making a new apron for the event, using this pattern from the Purl Bee, and this Heather Ross fabric:
yellow, with octopi

Just so you can visualize what this is sort of going to look like, here’s a snap of me making waffles at Thanksgiving last night:
dory makes waffles

electoral crafts

I bought this fabric over the summer, and had been holding onto it, not sure what its highest and best use was…and then it occured to me:
oven mitts!
Oven mitts!

closer up

Pattern is from the Lotta Jansdotter Simple Sewing book, fabric from the Oneonta Norwich WalMart.

I’m kind of charmed by From 52 to 48 with love, a Ze Frank project about bipartisan collaboration. Or, well, the support for the idea of bipartisan collaboration. I think the mitts count—I mean, both of your hands have to work together, right?