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Brooklyn Thursday Evening

On Thursday, I took the S-Q combo of trains to Ditmas Park to hang out with the cluster of wonderful humans that live in a house (which might be against the rules), pick up my car, and settle Catan. I took my new camera (a Canon G11) for the ride–I’m so pleased with how it works in low light!

botanic garden
The shuttle stop by me is called Botanic Garden even though it’s not the closest stop to the Botanic Garden and it’s connected to the 2/3/4/5 Franklin Ave. I don’t know how things got named.

waiting feet
Yellow socks and the yellow lego-like subway stripe. I really like that if you look closely, is says “Amoreille” in dots in the top right.

on the train
This little girl was totally vamping for the camera.


Then we drank wine and played The Settlers of Catan. Jamie won.

infinite, infinite jest.

I losted mah place in th endnotez So summer is near its end and I’m nowhere close to being finished IJ. I’m just not going to do it. I am more than halfway through, though, and I’m not giving up.

I am, however, taking a break to read Neil Gaiman’s American Gods, maybe partially because I listened to him tell a story on The Moth Podcast about being stranded in a train station at age 16. It’s going quickly; but then, it’s a manageable subway-reading size.

While reading it on the way to school the other day, a man wearing goggles asked me what I thought of it. He said he wasn’t going to tell me his opinion, because I was just at the start of the book. But then, when he got off the train, as the doors were closing, he turned around and looked at me and said “I didn’t love it.”

sweet subway story

This is a super-lovely NYT illustrated story about the author’s children, who love the New York City subway.

The illustration above goes with the line

Arthur spends hours studying the subway map. He laughs at his mother when she suggests taking the B on a weekend. The only questions he has are about the pronunciation of some station names.