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Fiddling Pickleheads

This coop haul included fiddleheads.

coop haul may 10

I took them up to Anna and Naf’s the other weekend, we ate them with eggs and they were delicious. Fiddleheads were totally destined to be the first canning project of the summer. So I bought more.

This, by the way, is the most recent Cat and Girl comic:

cat and girl arrivals lounge

Close up on the punchline as Grrl tells past Grrl about the future:

lots of people make their own pickles

Anyhow, after a bit of googling I decided on this recipe from Fat of The Land and learned that if your recipe doesn’t have photos I don’t really consider making it. Which is silly, but true.

pack jars
pack jars
boil vinegar mixture
hot water process
let 'em hang out

Now the jars are just hanging out…to be eaten in November or February!

Numbers and seasons

Between June 21st and September 21st, Lady Grey* and I drove 4695 kilometers. That’s just about the distance between my home in Brooklyn and my house in Vancouver, though that’s not the road I drove this summer.

I reset the odometer for fall…we’ll see what I get up go driving across the street and back again to park and unpark, cruising the length of the BQE, and heading upstate and to Connecticut for various adventures.

I’m constantly making lists and then forgetting to keep them up. Its nice to have something count for me.

*Lady Grey is my little car, an ancestor of X-woman Jean Grey, the Queen who ruled England for a mere 9 days, and a kind of tea.