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billboard blues

When I moved into the apartment on South Fourth Street, the billboard outside the kitchen window (target audience: BQE drivers) was for a Land Rover. I made the joke that in 15 years I’ll buy a Land Rover, and though I won’t remember living by the billboard, it will have made its impression on me. Then the billboard was for paint, and then insurance.

But then things started to go downhill. One morning the words outside the window were large, in yellow, and said “STOP CUTS TO DOWNSTATE MEDICAL AND OUR SUNY SCHOOLS.” The pictures were bad flash photos of doctors and 20-year-olds standing in a line. The billboard was still annoying, yes, but this one kind of amused me.

I started to talk about how this billboard was an indicator of the recession, getting less and less high-paying advertisers. Zach said I should submit it to Andrew Sullivan for BOTH his “The View From Your Window” and “The View from Your Recession” projects.

And then things got ugly:

got hemorrohids?

A “Got Hemrrhoids?” billboard with a butt as the “o” in “proctology.” I started keeping the curtains drawn.

But now that I’m leaving this apartment, the view has changed. Kurt sent me this cameraphone photo of the swtichover while I was in Vancouver:

on cbc radio or sirius sattelite radio 137

So maybe the economy is getting better along with the view?

friends in high places

marty on facebook
Either Marty Markowitz is really on Facebook, or this is a cute joke, like when I was friends with Coffee on Friendster. Given the mutual friends, I’m venturing it’s real…

in my neighbourhood

jack's cancellation shoes
Can someone please tell me what Cancellation Shoes are?


I hadn’t thought it through before I read the paper this afternoon, but seeing the articles about Obama and victory right next to the articles about California and Proposition 8 (banning gay marriage)…I honestly feel more dismayed and unhappy about california passing this regressive ballot measure than I feel exited about president-elect Obama. It seems as though we can imagine that this country voted for “change,” but when faced with one very concrete thing about making things actually better for people without harming anyone else, they couldn’t do it.

I was out on the streets of Brooklyn on Tuesday night, celebrating in the throng of people dancing and waving flags and playing music and hollering and hugging and having a great time. I think that this is exciting, but I’m so wary of thinking that this is a period of overwhelming and unprecidented awesome.

Anyhow. Here are two pictures of my feet.
yellow socks
blue shoes in Inwood

are we gonna get new bicycles?

On Halloween, we carved these pumpkins:
obama pumpkins

Somehow Halloween, the NYC Marathon, and the election seem inexorably linked. Next year there will be halloween and a marathon with no Sarah Palin Costumes and it will seem odd. I guess the first time you do anything (like live in America) seems like the “right” way.

Anyhow, happy election day, everyone.

It’s fall.

I skipped a class last week, which meant that I got to leave my house at 10 rather than 8 (to make it to Columbia for my 11am). It was so nice to walk to the subway when all the shops were actually open, seeing folks ambling about the neighbourhood. I stopped to get coffee and a bagel at the place that I like, and the gal behind the counter knew everyone’s name and their order–I think that this is really starting to feel like my ‘hood.

And then this morning it was really sunny and chilly as I biked over the Williamsburg bridge listening to Herman Dune. Small pleasures.

Assorted news:

Kurt and I got a kitten. Her name is now Ossington and we’re calling her Ozzy. I have become That Person who photographs her cat:
ozzy with her leg out

Lindsey came out to New York and she and I and Hollis went up to Rhinebeck for the New York State Sheep and Yarn Festival. We bought sock yarn and watched a knitting-with-chopsticks contest and pet some sheep and went to a Ravelry party. We camped near Pougkeepsie. I’m doing a pretty good job of exploring New York State and environs, I think. A better job than I ever did of understanding Ontario.

Here’s Hollis, folding some yarn:
she said, 'I just want to stick my face in this,' and then she did. (you can see Hollis in the first photo here, at the epicentre of yarn-and-blog fame.)

And here’s Lindsey on the Poughkeepsie riverfront:
yup. fall. I told ya.

in three dimensions

I haven’t met them, but I know I love my neighbours:


girls on bikes!

bicycle riding in yr undies

The New York Post reports:

City officials said yesterday they won’t eliminate the Brooklyn neighborhood’s bike lanes despite concerns by the Hasidic community that they attract scantily clad hipster cyclists who go at dangerous speeds. Scott Gastel, a Department of Transportation spokesman, said the lanes “increase safety.”