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coop haul may 10

coop haul may 10,originally uploaded by dorywithserifs.


Much of this is destined to become Leek Bread Pudding.

Leeks, fiddleheads, lemons, asparagus, cheese, tomatillos, mustard greens, brioche, butter, cream, milk, linewaiter’s gazette.

Coop Haul

Inspired by Emily’s farmer’s market haul photos, (inspired, in turn, by Sweet Juniper), this is today’s Park Slope Food Coop haul

everything I bought

1 cucumber
bag of brussels sprouts
cream cheese
blue cheese
peccorino cheese
2 avocados
bag of baby carrots
2 packages of frozen ravioli
1 loaf amy’s bread
4 tomatoes
1 kiwi
4 limes
1 bunch kale
3 packages frozen peas
4 bottles of beer
2 leeks
6 eggs
bag of salad greens
bunch of mint
handful of basil
2 lemons
2 lightbulbs
current issue of the coop newspaper