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Maira Kalman

maira kalman pavlov's dogOn Monday I made it to the Jewish Museum to see the Maira Kalman show Various Illuminations (Of A Crazy World). It’s amazing–a wonderful mix of art and objects, and even some of her textile work (which I didn’t realize she did). It’s up until the end of July—go!

(I have previously expressed my love for here here)

If I was an Artist, I would want to be Maira Kalman. It may be because her handwriting is a much better version of mine.

new york and food

All of my work these days, for my final papers and such, is about New York and Food. So I sit in piles of photocopied printed and stapled articles and reports and draft legislation about food and agriculture and farm-to-cafeteria initiatives and maps of food deserts and on and on.

It is wonderful. It makes me happy to read these things.

The American Journal of Public Health Research and the Journal of Planning Research and Education do not have pretty pictures though.

But this week there is new Maira Kalman in the New York Times! And it is about thanksgiving and food and bounty and cities. It is lovely, twee & smart at the same time.

I drew a map of Canada…

On the back of a cartoon coaster
in the blue TV screen light
I drew a map of Canada,
Ooooh Canada-ah!
With your face sketched on it twice…*

Well, with pens, and on paper, and with some fabric scanned from my stash, I drew some maps of Ontario, Newfoundland, and the Yukon Territory.

some drawings that I did of maps

Visit Uth Ink! to seem ‘em and do the fun mouse-over things sorta implied in the picture.

*Joni Mitchell, in case you couldn’t remember

Sage Advice

always do a thing

Things I have given to people (lately)

Moving means giving things away!
giving things away
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