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Pickled Party

Here is a photograph of the pickled eggs in action at my birthday garden party. There’s Barbara on the left, with a pink pickled egg on her fork, and Sara on the right eating something else.
they were enjoyed

And here is a photograph of me and Ms. Naomi Adiv, at the same party.
dory and naomi

Good Growing

A few weeks ago, I stumbled into a plot at the Crow Hill Community Garden. I showed up to dig and help out, got offered a plot, and had it filled with seeds and plants by the end of the day. (That was also the day that Ghana beat America in soccer, and I don’t normally care about sports, but that was spectacular).

This is what my plot looked like then:
garden plot
Collards around the outside, beans and cilantro and peas and some other seeds in the ground.

And this is what it looks like now:
My beans, getting all big and stuff.

peppers sprouting
Hot peppers, sprouting out of the ground.

green pepper
A green pepper, growing.
I bought some plants from the Natty Garden shop and put them in (I wasn’t going to rely just on things from seed this late in the season), and the green peppers are starting to produce fruit.

I’m calling the whole thing the pipe garden, because I excavated this piece of pipe when I was digging up the earth, and put in it in the garden, and planted these little flowers in it.
flower in a pipe

In addition to the Crown Hill Community Garden, the Little Franklin Garden is doing alright too. Last week, someone stole my tomato, which is unsurprising, but it would have made more sense to wait until it turned red. Why steal unripe produce? Anyhow, that same plant is growing another little tomato; growing just keeps chugging along.

new tomato