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taking exams

Tomorrow, I write my second comprehensive exam of my PhD–my sector exam. I’ve been reading and making notes for months, and tomorrow and thursday I get to finally answer some questions and put these ideas together. I’m looking forward to it, really.

pile of reading

ozzy studies for comps

Graduate School Girl Uniforms

I am posting more dated Cat and Girl because I have no photos of projects to show off. Also, because I’m back to school and giving my cardigans some heavy wear.

grad school girl uniforms

new york and food

All of my work these days, for my final papers and such, is about New York and Food. So I sit in piles of photocopied printed and stapled articles and reports and draft legislation about food and agriculture and farm-to-cafeteria initiatives and maps of food deserts and on and on.

It is wonderful. It makes me happy to read these things.

The American Journal of Public Health Research and the Journal of Planning Research and Education do not have pretty pictures though.

But this week there is new Maira Kalman in the New York Times! And it is about thanksgiving and food and bounty and cities. It is lovely, twee & smart at the same time.

The logic of praxis is homologous with the discourse of the public sphere.

Have some fun with the make-your-own-academic-sentence widget!

off it goes

off it goes, originally uploaded by dorywithserifs.

SSHRC application all addressed and ready to go!


dory and zach, originally uploaded by dorywithserifs.

I don’t think I’ve said it publicly here, but it’s for real: I’m starting a PhD in the fall! At Columbia, in Planning, so I’ll be in New York, reading books, for quite some time.

Also, I’m excited that Zach is in New York too. He got some jobs, and a sublet in the neighbourhood.

Photo is us at Coney Island almost two years ago. But we’ve been friends since kindergarten, so what’s two years?

I’ll keep my thoughts on gentrification to myself, for now.

how to cheat on your girlfriend and get away with it..are you becoming the man your mother divorced?

I’m posting this because I’m in a good mood so it amuses me more than anything else. Photo snapped in the subway system somewhere (42nd street, on a Q to 2/3 transfrer, most likely).

It’s the end of my semester, celebrated with a good mix of academic awesomeness (in the form of a Critical Urbanism conference at CUNY, beer and potato salad, french onion soup and Settlers of Catan, Contra dancing, egg creams, and tomorrow’s crafternoon. Now that I’ve emerged from the coccoon of idea-arranging and time-bound-thought-thinking, shitty magazines are somehow amusing again.

Even cats going to grad school can’t spell worth a damn.

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departmental bowling

bowling alone coverColumbia Urban Planning went bowling the other night, against Pratt and NYU. I didn’t make it, choosing to stay in Brookyn and play home made Apples to Apples. My dear housemate Kurt went bowling with his department the other day. It’s the season for rented shoes, I suppose.

And then today I discovered this bit of info on the Berkely Planning website:

Ph.D. Bowling League: Robert Putnam observed that “The most whimsical yet discomforting bit of evidence of social disengagement in contemporary America that I have discovered is this: more Americans are bowling today than ever before, but bowling in organized leagues has plummeted in the last decade or so.” The Berkeley Planning Bowling League sponsors a regular happy hour for Ph.D. students in an effort to counter this trend and rebuild social capital. They have yet to go bowling, but it could happen some day.