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more on bike safety and smugness

I can’t believed that I missed this! From the BikeSnobNYC blog, (scroll down, scroll way down):

New York City is striving to become more bicycle friendly, and to this end you may recall that Transportation Alternatives recently held a PSA contest (in which I served as a juror) in order to promote smugness in the streets. Well, the winners have finally been announced, and I’m pleased to report that I didn’t vote for any of them.

I don’t know why I didn’t think to use the word “smugness”–it pretty aptly describes how I feel about the whole thing.

The Bike Snob details, scene-by-scene one of the videos (dude pushes his car into the river, turns around to reveal a “one less car” t-shirt), hating on it all the way. What bugs me most about that is that the shirt doesn’t say “one FEWER car.”

Also, he points out that the word “livability” doesn’t really mean anything. (”And what is a “livability revolution?” It sounds like forcing people at gunpoint to make their living rooms more comfortable.”). I’m glad I’m not the only one who feels that way.

academic excitement

I just cited my first “forthcoming” article in a paper! This thrills me to no end.


I hadn’t thought it through before I read the paper this afternoon, but seeing the articles about Obama and victory right next to the articles about California and Proposition 8 (banning gay marriage)…I honestly feel more dismayed and unhappy about california passing this regressive ballot measure than I feel exited about president-elect Obama. It seems as though we can imagine that this country voted for “change,” but when faced with one very concrete thing about making things actually better for people without harming anyone else, they couldn’t do it.

I was out on the streets of Brooklyn on Tuesday night, celebrating in the throng of people dancing and waving flags and playing music and hollering and hugging and having a great time. I think that this is exciting, but I’m so wary of thinking that this is a period of overwhelming and unprecidented awesome.

Anyhow. Here are two pictures of my feet.
yellow socks
blue shoes in Inwood