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From Franklin Ave to Franklin’s House

A few weekends ago, my friend Michael Gately and I went on a small voyage up to Hyde Park, NY to visit the FDR library and museum. A few weeks previous, we had been eating crumpets and marmalade and discussing presidential china patterns, and decided on a trip to visit the closest presidential library to New York — which turns out to also be the first presidential library. FDR!

Mosaic Map
Mosaic Map

There’s a great mosaic tile floor map in the main hall, which also serves at the meeting point for tours of the grounds or of FDR’s house — which is really Sara Roosevelt’s house, but Franklin lived there, and Eleanor too. The tour was led by Shannon, a park ranger and delightful history nerd who answered our questions as fast as we could think of them. She had worked at a different historic site/national park before she came to Hyde Park, and we asked if she had been deployed here. She looked at us like we were crazy and said “I applied for this job. The national parks are not the military.” She then confessed to us that her dream job would be to work at Gettysburg, but whenever a job opens up there, 500 people apply, so it’s best not to get one’s hopes up.

wheelchair with swivel mounted ashtray

In addition to the house, we saw the library, which is FDR’s former study, and broadcast location of at least two fireside chats. It’s the only presidential library that was actually used by the president in question, and the study is preserved with FDR’s things — including his special made wheelchair with “swivel mounted” ashtray.

wheelchair with swivel mounted ashtray

We learned a lot of things about America’s longest-serving president. Like he was a cheerleader. And had a lifetime membership to the Natural History Museum. And that Eleanor knit during meetings!
FDR was a Leader of Cheering
National History Museum lifetime membership
Eleanor's Knitting Needles

We also got to pose for some photos with Eleanor and FDR:
Franklin and Michael and Eleanor
Franklin and Dory and Eleanor

And then we hit the gift shop. All in all, a successful and educational adventure. We’ve pledged to return in the summer, when the rose garden is in bloom and walks in the woods can be taken.

I'll bet my shirt

Mint and Pea dip

Mint and Pea dip by dorywithserifs

The only thing I like about the superbowl is the dips!

babushka pickles

babushka pickles by dorywithserifs

Via Flickr:
I was in Brighton Beach the other week, and I bought these pickles for the label. They’re pretty good, but not great.

Copious Cans of Curried Cauliflower

curried caulifour

I worked a Saturday night shift at the co-op, ringing up fun Saturday night groceries (lots of pints of ice cream, and ice cream sandwiches!), and got home at 11. I had bought 2 small heads of cauliflower to put up using the Curried Cauliflower recipe in Put ‘Em Up, and I decided just to go for it. I have a mixed CD from my friend and former roommate Holland called “late night baking” (the cover features a receipt for flour, baking powder, and chocolate chips timestamped at 2:12am); I suppose I could make a complementary version called “late night canning.”

And then I used a bicycle stamp to make the labels. Yay!

Also, gearing up for Thanksgiving, I made a batch of Cranberry Walnut Orange Mint Relish, from Karen Solomon’s Can It Bottle It Smoke It–a book I won from a giveaway over at Punk Domestics — one of the best canning sites there is. I am looking forward to eating this soon.

cranberry relish

Clear Eyes, Full Heart

NYC Marathon 2011
NYC Marathon 2011 was incredible! The best! We watched on 4th ave in Brooklyn, then got on the subway and scooted uptown to watch on 5th ave in Manhattan (amazing geography of fourth and fifth being very far apart). It was a beautiful day to be outside and people watch, and then wander through central park and then see finnishers wrapped in space blankets spill out into the streets. Going home, I’ve never had a friendlier crowded subway ride, everyone congratulating each other, talking about their times and their travels.
NYC Marathon 2011
NYC Marathon 2011
NYC Marathon 2011
(Jamie and Elon with their encouraging sign)

NYC Marathon 2011
(and here is Hollis with her amazing sign)

The thing that’s hard is explaining why the marathon is so great, though. My friend Ryan asked what it was that made the marathon inspiring, and I wrote back to him saying:

I don’t know how to explain just how amazing the marathon is. I never thought I would care until it ran by my house the first year I lived here and I just got all teary. I think it’s something about athleticism without sports stardom, about the collectivity of doing a thing, the way the city really changes to let this thing happen…and then add to that the people you know who are running (and have been training forever), and the blind runners and the guides to the blind runners…It’s all kinds of outstanding. It doesn’t make any sense, but it is.

Do any of you have a better way to explain why you love the Marathon?

Happy Marathon Day

Today is the NYC Marathon! It’s my favourite holiday in New York. And I am so excited to see Naomi Wolf (not this Naomi Wolf) run in the thing she’s been training for forever!

Here are a few snaps from last year:

marathon 2010
marathon 2010
marathon 2010

So long, Blue Schinn

Me, on a bike by dorywithserifs

I got a hot new bike for my 29th birthday (more on that soon, I think I’m calling her Ghosthorse), but I don’t need to have 3 bikes. Thus, with a smidge of sadness, I decided to sell Lisa the Blue Schwinn (that name never really stuck).

This is a photo of she and I at last year’s Tour De Taco.

Enjoy her charms, Rembert Browne!


jon: captain bikeshare by dorywithserifs

So New York is getting a bikeshare system–very exciting. I didn’t actually ride one of the bikes when I was in DC, but I did take this photo that makes Jon look like he works for the program.

And she is done.

quilt of squares,originally uploaded by dorywithserifs.

and a few nine-patches


windowfarm,originally uploaded by dorywithserifs.

these are all in the garden now

These are seedlings started on the windowsill–they’re all in the garden plot now.

crochet pirate

crochet pirate,originally uploaded by dorywithserifs.

granny hexagon, and hook!

If you make a silly face and brandish a hook, you’re a pirate! I mean, I am, and here’s me playing around with hexagon crochet. My hexagon paper piecing project has been delivered to its recipient (photos soon!), now I have something in the works for these.

tidy desk

tidy desk,originally uploaded by dorywithserifs.

New semester! I tidied up my workspace, filed last semester’s papers, bought a new printer, and now I have space for being a good graduate student.

Becky shared her workspace shot the other day and I wanted to do the same. After being away for a lot of winter break (in Vancouver, and New Orleans), it’s nice to, as Lindsey says, “re-nest.” And all the better to do so right here.

Also: Happy Birthday Megan!

Girasole post at the Chronicles of Yarnia

Girasole,originally uploaded by dorywithserifs.

I have a guest post up at the Yarnia shop blog about the Girasole.

I love the little Calgary Houses

calagary, M:ST, canadian thanksgiving weekend

Sticks and Stones

I am off to Calgary tomorrow to participate in the Mountain Standard Time Festival! David McCallum and I are performing Sticks and Stones

Sticks and Stones is a long-duration public intervention performance that makes use of knitting and the ancient Chinese strategy game, Go. The project explores the subculture of the reclamation of craft, strategy games and public gaming and the public’s relationship to these things. Go is played on a grid and knitting - as a series of rows and stitches - is an excellent medium for representing this grid. The long performance will see two competitors engage in the public knitting of a game of Go, resulting in the gradual creation of roughly 300 swatches, representing the state of the board at each move throughout the game. As the swatches accumulate, they will be gathered and presented, documenting the process of the performance.

Exhibition: October 11-28
Venue: TRUCK +15 Window
Performances: October 8-10
Venue: Art Central
Presented by M:ST

This is the outcome of this pile of books on our coffee table, back when D and I were roommates in Toronto.

go and knitting

Okra Pickles

IMG_1890,originally uploaded by dorywithserifs.

Okra Pickles

Okay, so Okra pickles aren’t as thrilling as pickled eggs, somehow, but this photo is a lot nicer. So here you go. Recipe from the Ball Complete Book of Home Preserving. With extra garlic.

It occurs to me that I will indeed eat well through the winter, but it will be all pickles and condiments.

eggs, a picklin’

eggs, a picklin’,originally uploaded by dorywithserifs.

with some beets


hexagons,originally uploaded by dorywithserifs.

tiny precise hand-stitching. This shit is addictive, yo.

Coffee for me!

Coffee for me!,originally uploaded by dorywithserifs.

These litle notes are my favourite thing about being home. Vancouver, August 2010

like this like this

like this like this,originally uploaded by dorywithserifs.

a small collection of what people like

Also, people who like knitting like sewing. And country music. More on Flickr (click the photo to get there).